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Supporting your
energy projects
Energy Auditing
Energy Submetering
Energy Monitoring
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Finish in Time. On Budget.

Whether executing an Energy Audit, Submetering Project or Real Time Monitoring, we have your top considerations in mind

Competitive Pricing

While the current market relies on expensive energy meters, we give you a solution that captures all the necessary energy parameters at a cost-effective price.

Easy and Fast Set Up

Connect Voltage leads, Current Transformers and Data collection starts automatically!

All Data Securely Stored in the Cloud

No need for using SD cards or storing large files on your computer. Easily share light data files with your team or client via the online dashboard that comes with every hire

Actively Supported by a Certified Energy Manager

We are experienced in Energy Auditing and understand Energy Management, so don’t be afraid to ask those tough questions

Here's what we offer

Energy Meters Hiring

For Electircity

Monitoring and Submetering Support

Energy, Water, Gas

Energy Auditing Support

On-Site or Remote

System Features

✔️ Monitor Single Phase and Three Phase Loads

✔️ Secure Access to Logger Data Online

✔️ Functional Data Analysis Platform

✔️ Recommended for Monitoring Industrial Systems

✔️ Good for Monitoring Commercial Buildings

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Our Expertise

Energy Management 0

Industrial Automation & Control 0

Energy Data Analysis & Reporting 0

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